Over The Rainbow


Ok, this blog as a smidge of a serious one today, even though Ive been told that I shouldn’t mix cake with politics (which is very wise advice from my sometimes very wise husband). Wait…wait! dont stop reading yet..its not actually about politics! That would bore ME to tears too. Its actually about the launch of my new gay friendly wedding cake initiative!!!

With the recent changes in the law regarding same sex marriage, gay weddings and cakes have repeatedly been featured in the media due to some customers being refused service based on their sexuality. Having made cakes for several same sex weddings, I was also particularly stunned to read a recent Daily Mail article which quoted a particular Republican US presidential hopeful, with comments that I don’t even want to repeat.

Obviously, we are all entitled to our personal views, and mine are that no matter what, we all deserve the right to be happy. This is why Ive utilised the rainbow pride flag in my latest cake designs. The flag is a sign of diversity and inclusiveness among the LGBT community, and I wanted to utilise it’s symbolism for some of my customers’ cakes.

Bespoke cake design is an industry that’s grown dramatically over the last few years and as an industry it needs to keep up to date with changes in society. As cake designers, we play a mahoosive part in the success of a wedding, and I personally think that everyone deserves the chance to be treated equally in the service that we offer.

Be assured that any LGBT couples can come to me safe in the knowledge that their decision to take vows and commit to each other is just as big a deal as it is for anyone else looking to get married.

There are no closets in The Cake House.

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